Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Universal Telepathy? (etc.)

My new name on ATS (, since around March 20, is Dean Goldberry. Am opting for the pizazz, sarcasm and live-for-the-moment pun fun now in nomenclature on that "alternative" site - the biggest of its kind on the planet. There was a recent thread there about Alex Collier (alias, real name Ralph something), the alleged contactee of the "Andromedans," and a point he made in a '94 interview about what he calls the 4th Density (involving universal telepathy) that I need to address.

First, "Collier" clearly is a guy with a super-huge imagination and intellect (expert liar) who happens to have gotten lucky a few or very few times in the predictions/"prophecy" department.

Judging by the couple of hostile enough replies I received on that thread, there are some people like "Collier" who somehow welcome the notion of everyone's mind being an open book everywhere, among everyone, at all times. They argue that there would be no hidden agendas; therefore peace and love on Earth. Well, for the (apparent) majority of us who have never had any significant enough inkling toward the conning and/or enslaving of others, we have nothing to hide and no worries of ever having any negative political influence, but how many of us would be willing to give up privacy altogether? Dare we assert that to do so wouldn't be human?

I tend to believe a balance can be reached where there would be responsible usage of telepathy (or openly) in law enforcement; along with other psychic powers. A truly and provably worthy government (for the first time ever) would have to be firmly established before such a paradigm can exist, obviously. And the sooner the better... There has to be a way to achieve an enlightened enough civilization (for the first time ever) without any uninvited or unnecessary intrusion on anyone's most private privacy.

Nevertheless, I fully support whatever sociopolitical system and actions required that really will clean, preserve and regenerate the ecosystem, thereby saving humanity, assuming that course is simply the right, most truly Highest Powered one to take. If that somehow can only be done through universal telepathy (no privacy), as much as I dislike the idea (at least to my limited knowledge), so be it. First we have to save our home/host, whatever it (really) takes... unless proven otherwise.

Freedom is infinitely more important than free will, and if it's a choice of one having any meaning and the other having none at all, freedom rules. It's a strongly concrete concept versus a weak, unclear one. Face it, free will is probably most often a nebulous, flaky catch term for those who are (at least secretly) inclined to screw someone else over royally for a big enough personal gain or whatever stupid reason; given the opportunity.

Even if everything, all physical reality as we perceive it, is predetermined like a computer program or set clock, (again) we're still immutably, unchangingly designed for thoughts, actions and choices no matter what. We will always have those freedoms and more due to what we are. And what greater freedom could there be than for one's, say, 4-year-old child to be able to roam merrily around the neighborhood and wherever in town without fear of the possibility of a predator, assuming new knowledge/science will or would produce a big enough quantum leap in crime solving and prevention?

That's not saying it should ever be expected for humans to be perfect, but there's a huge or, I would venture, staggering amount we could do to improve the human and ecological conditions if only enough people were truly interested; first and foremost in getting rid of secrecy-based government(s). Oh well, to whom it applies, please carry on with your endless loop of reacting-and-wallowing, scratching your heads, beating your breasts and expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter; if anything from anywhere or anyone. The latter goes as much for the religiously brainwashed (who believe in the eventual arrival of their perfect Superman-Savior) as for those who expect "ET" to just magically make Contact with us out of the blue.

Besides the more obvious lack of morality by the more obvious Filthy McNastys of the world, goddamn mediocre-at-best imaginations will be the ruin of mankind. Yippee as always. No worries here, I'm secure. Cheers.

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