Sunday, May 3, 2009


I believe the key to emotional healing is in living in the present, with an eye to the future, while discarding all unnecessary baggage of the past. It's being in a constant state of the tabula raza (clean slate). It's refusing to be defined in any way negatively by (a) past psychological trauma(s) or scar(s). It's knowing one is in the most real, calm and secure zone while too many others around him or her (at least these days) are neurotically and/or psychotically spinning their fear-based wheels... Meditations and mantras are simply, as some say, the shizzle.

That's to the extent mere words can summarize that vibe.

There's no use in dwelling on the negative. In the area of big (enough) personal wrongdoing, as long as one has felt enough remorse for one's transgression or crime, and learned from the mistake that it definitely won't be repeated, the only rational course is to move on while at peace. Focus as much as possible on the "do unto others..." foundation.

When or if there are huge secrets revealed concerning our very existence, they should override any impulse to air the unnecessary, by definition, dirty laundry of the past of others' or one's self. Such revelation should, and must, begin a new evolutionary stage of the absence of small-mindedness; at least in government and media. Again we all need forgiveness and a truly new start due to our, to whatever significant enough extent, not knowing what we do. (Secrecy-based government equals too much ignorance among the masses, due to its being the basis of all education we're permitted). Of course that doesn't mean war criminals and other major ones won't be exposed (in the context of major crime only), but (again) we need to move away from the reactionary punishment mentality, as much as possible, in favor of simply solving problems with new knowledge/science. It's just vampiric to feed off someone else's misery in any way(s).

Macrocosmically, the key is to be as anti-secrecy and pro-privacy as possible; not the opposite as now. What has such primitive paranoia and insecurity really done for us? Time to take a deep breath and quiet the mind.

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