Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Willy, Peter & Dick

What the heck. I figure we're due for some levity about now. This was posted on the (Lightworth) MySpace music page on Feb. 7 (when I was employed):

I believe I've conceived the ultimate rock trio (of the high-fallutin' prog persuasion); without writing any actual songs or complete ones. This can easily turn into one of the biggest trios ever; up there with Cream, ZZ Top and Rush. The gimmick/novelty factor of the name can be justified if the songs are/music is good enough. Or rather, especially in a religiously (and otherwise) uptight enough nation as the US, is it even possible that a truly popular trio with such a name can exist? Well, probably only if there's an overall revolution in libertarian thought (including, simply, better senses of humor), it seems...

Or, simply due to the obviously sophomoric triune name, has it already been patented or trademarked, and I'm too lazy to do the research?

Anyhoot, ideally the trio would be guys who are actually named, say, Bill(y), Pete(r) and Rick(y). The Willy spelling is a must, since it doesn't feel right being the same as the great and wonderful Willie Nelson.

The (gifted enough) singer will or would be the (gifted) bassist; playing a Rickenbacker or one with a similar treble sound. He will or would be one of the most impressive ever at coordinating amazing (tenor) singing/vocals with amazing bass patterns and riffs. The (awesome) guitarist will or would play one of those high tech lightweight metal-mania axes; and in a truly masterful and diverse enough way. The obviously gifted drummer might even have 2 bass/kick drums, as long as we're seriously prog here. He must be able to provide backing/2nd vocal as well... Needless to say, again, the younger the performers the better (if possible). Also obviously (again), no songwriters apply, though I could easily need help with lyrics (to vocal melodies).

If a genie in a bottle were to grant me unlimited time with said gentlemen, with the appropriate other resources, I 'm certain I could easily drop everything I'm writing musically now (and ideally doing otherwise such as my boring day job) and make a damn good album with them. And of course it wouldn't matter what the names of the band and individuals are. I'd really like an unexpected challenge, project.

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