Saturday, March 28, 2009

"N"WO & the Real One

The intro quote of Alex Jones' Endgame is from H.G. Wells' short book The New World Order (first published January, 1940): Countless people will hate the new world order and will die protesting it.

What you'll never hear ol' Alex mention is the actual thesis and tone of that writing. It speaks of a truly new world order, not a monstrous, or more monstrous, version of the same old shit that's ever-encroaching now. Don't let Wells' pessimistic intro sentence fool you, as he insists the work isn't a pacifist diatribe. It has some of the most truly progressive thinking there is.

At the outset of Britain's war with the Nazis, Wells was saying what many are today: The people need to bypass government-industry and mainstream media and have truly open dialog about the real causes of war (and for today, economic collapse as well) and how to prevent them... Ah, but what he wasn't aware of in those more innocent days were the secret deals behind WW2 and, moreover, how devastatingly monolithic the secrecy apparati would become beginning in '47 (National Security Act); a year after his death.

NWO is a doubly-vampired appellation. The first time was Bush Senior's infamous UN speech in '91. Along with his son and other useless puppet excuses for Presidents from the latter 20th century until now, that guy is the biggest stooge for everything Wells adamantly opposed, so it's easy to picture the rollover in the grave upon the utterance of his concept from that maximum status quo mouthpiece. I wonder if George H.W. Bush felt destined to proclaim the "N"WO in whatever part because of the similarity of his name with H.G. (Herbert George) Wells...

The second distortion of NWO is, obviously, among the, yes, mainstream anti-conspiracy shouters today; represented namely by Alex Jones (a fellow Austinite). I don't view all of Jones' followers as rabidly gun-crazed religious (or religion-enabling) imbeciles. What the movement, as it is now, has too often done is produce sheer, unsubstantiated neophobia - anything and everything (truly) new. How would these people react to the revelation of an undeniably nonhuman intelligence; however benign enough?

There's no purely political solution to our problems; only a mostly spiritual one that's outside any religion.

Could there possibly be such a thing as a benevolent dictatorship on this planet; particularly these days? We're so accustomed to those words being a contradiction that it seems unfathomable. See the (3/3/08) entry Real Royalty (even though I was too angry-pessimistic at the end).

There can never be a single ruler, at least in any dictatorship sense, of an entire planet of multiple languages and cultures. Being a supporter of national sovereignties as we now exist, said ruler would absolutely have to be a head of state only, and have whatever influence among others... New science/knowledge simply can replace much or most of government-politics, which is mostly bullshit, that's screwing us. People need not fear the real meaning of anarchy, and that the goal must always be to have as close to zero government as possible. True freedom-lovers know of what I speak.

Soooo, once again, I invoke the "Prime Directive" (or equivalent) and maintain that Earthlings won't be able to attract the right beings until there's enough popular opposition to secrecy-based government(s) in general (though of course I hope I'm wrong). The crickets still chirp. Tick tock.

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