Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Empires & Treason

The old adage that all empires inevitably, invariably fall is certainly true, so I submit that a real republic should last as long as there are humans on Earth, or there's no reason for one not to. The key is in being a real republic, as the US was founded and is supposed to be, not a de facto empire as now, or a nation that displays any form or level of imperialism or anything resembling it. The empire of today is unwittingly referred to as a superpower.

A nation based on the beyond-monstrous level of secrecy that is the National "Security" State is the primary engine for its imperialism in these times. Official secrecy, or anything resembling the gargantuan level of it today, writes and enforces its own rules; accountable to no one. As the US government stands now, as imperialists, they're/you're doomed to absolutely inevitable failure, unless we can have a real revolution and turn the whole vehicle around in time. Here's always hoping for as bloodless a coup d'etat as possible.

Speaking of revolution, on the afternoon of July 4 I was watching the History Channel. It was (naturally) the series about the American Revolution (or what I refer to as the original Revolution). What I found probably most fascinating was the story of Benedict Arnold; America's most infamous traitor. It led me to realize that the only story comparable to Arnold in all American history is the glaringly obvious inside job that was 9/11. It had to be the highest treason in all human history; not just American. There's no question that the "American" Executive Branch (Bush and/or Darth Cheney) at least authorized it or allowed it to happen.

It's simply not physically possible for a mere jet fuel fire, especially where most of the fuel vaporized on impact, to bring down those towers! That is, to most charitably understate it, it's not possible within any amount of time less than, say, several hours. There have been enough real towering infernos (in Madrid, Beijing etc.) to attest to that. Basic physics don't lie, and there are tons of other items about 9/11 that don't add up (to the official story/fairy tale) of which I've barely scratched the surface in this and a few previous entries.

Benedict Arnold pales in comparison to the ones responsible, or most responsible, for 9/11. We were hit by terrorists, alright, but at least primarily, not the ones the official 9/11 government-media party line claims. The duped sheeple picture terrorists as googly-eyed mouth-breathers living in caves, when in fact they're just as likely to look like rich white, expensively-clothed chief executives.

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