Saturday, July 25, 2009

MJ Demystified

When so-called reality is comprised of an exorbitant enough component of lies/deception, distortion, denial, manipulation, extortion, corruption, it's safe to assume the paradigm with which we're familiar is, dominantly enough, on the balance, unreality. There's too much hard work, maximum possible effort, toward the cause(s) of the unreal/untrue for it to be otherwise. Your particular brand of insanity (to whom it applies) is really more like a computer simulation than objective enough reality. It's basically the most frustrating and faulty video game in the universe.

The 7/20 Larry King with Joe Jackson was a prime example of collective psychosis. It's a safe bet Larry was being tongue-in-cheek, cryptically prosecutorial (for the inevitable revisionism) when he offered as an "explanation" for Paris' bravery in her tearful statement at Michael's memorial, "It's in the genes." Of course ol' Joe lapped it up like a thirsty hound, exactly as though MJ was the biological father of those children.

The real insanity (psychosis) is that no one has the courage and common sense to call the ass hat on his blatant line of bullshit.

Any halfwit can tell the Jackson kids have Mediterranean or Middle Eastern DNA; positively not a drop of black African.

There's no reason to believe MJ was a saintly philanthropic genius overall. He had plenty of uber-ego. Anyone who names himself the King of Pop, to which the media most sadly managed to obediently perpetuate, and then predictably, both his (effectively adopted) sons Prince, has to have an inordinate level of shallow, vapid, delusional self-gratification drive. Saddam Hussein was probably jealous...

Like the highly (enough) self-centered often do, he had a sadistic joker part of him. Very shortly after his death, Sheryl Crow (who sang second vocal for him sometime in the '80s) was phone interviewed on CNN. She recounted a story of how MJ made her get on and stay on some amusement park ride until she got sick, and that "he acted like that was the funniest thing he ever saw." How nice.

On the molestation charges, I'm convinced he was in fact a gay pederast; presumably of early pubescents only. However extremely child-like and, enough so, childish Jackster (pun intended) was, certainly he was intelligent enough to recognize (attempted) extortion, and would furiously counter-sue for slander if he was truly and totally innocent. That's the most naturally human reaction. Barring evidence or strong enough witness/victim testimony, no mere tall tale stands a chance in court, and the good name of a pop superstar must be protected at whatever necessary cost.

Instead he twice forked over umpteen total millions as obvious hush money.

I'm obviously not saying it was in any way a good thing that he was either murdered or accidentally overdosed on surgical anesthesia, if applicable.

Now is the best time yet to reiterate the most importantly recurring theme of this blog: forgiveness. In MJ's case he was a massive Peter Pan complex waiting to happen, and massively happen it did. His adult hormones, however often, overrode his childhood solidarity high-mindedness. He was in such an extraordinary self-indulgence bubble that it wouldn't be possible for any human in his position, with his basic personality, not to act on his or her most sexually defining impulses... legal or not. He should be given enough of a pass given the extra-high volume wacko-celebrity brainwashing that defined his life. Or he should be judged in the entirety of the person he was, whatever higher power would be aware of that.

Again let truth be its own justice. Avoid punishments and unnecessary condemnations when solving problems.

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