Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prison Bitch Planet?

Need to be clear that the B word is absolutely not gender specific in my mind. No misogyny or sexism here. A bitch is probably best defined as anyone who displays a high enough level of that ever-nauseating combination of ignorance and arrogance, and that's not to insult actual female dogs.

I believe the most fair comparison for the human race (at least as we know it) is with other intelligent species located not in the galaxy proper, but in its outer rim hinterlands, assuming there is an at least respectable amount of intelligent life among the millions or billions of solar systems in the Milky Way outer rim. We should be compared only, or at least primarily by far, to those who have a view of a dark night sky, closest to black void space as we are. Of course the majority of the galaxy, the ones who live on worlds where they see more densely packed suns/stars in closer proximity, more light, must not be discounted. Fairness, however, seems to dictate our having the most in common with worlds of similar light conditions, along with similar enough biodiversity where applicable.

My big burning question is this: How often are worlds in substantial physical (nighttime) darkness ruled by substantially (figuratively) dark people as on this world? Or put another way, how many "civilizations" here in the outer rim are, primarily or dominantly enough, the product of, well, bitches? There are the ruling class bitches, those who control governments, economies, industries, religions and media, and their at least willing enough supporters-enablers who are, if you will, the classic prison bitches or enslaved dupes.

Is the outer rim simply where the seen and unseen scum of the galaxy dwell? If so, is this galactic area eternally the Hell Zone for all worlds, or the vast majority, with intelligent life? Is there any hope for any real improvement on this rock? I certainly want to believe there is, but I obviously don't claim to know, though I always deny pessimism as much as reasonably possible.

Many who believe they're excluded from bitch-hood actually aren't. Or to put it as fairly and kindly as possible, there's an overall level of ignorance, including and especially among those who consider themselves more "informed" or even "enlightened," that bears enough of a resemblance to full-fledged bitchery. Prime example is on "alternative" discussion sites. Too few have ever touched on the true center, or real cause, of the sociological problems among humanity, which is the entire secrecy-based concept of government (as we know it) itself.

Too many are too busy confusing influence with real power. To whom it applies, they or you stomp their/your feet and scream and swear up and down that everything is controlled by the Bilderbergers, CFR, the Masons and/or those ever-specific, brilliantly descriptive (*sarcasm*) names like Illuminati and NWO, but when faced with the reality of what government is actually made of - where the actual power and money control rests - all one gets is the does-not-compute blank stare. In the United States, for example, it's the National "Security" State and everything within the Black Budget that are the real power. Everything happens within the construct of real, tangible government, not, at least ultimately, by the influence of any secretive, non-government societies or groups, or if there is a single, tiny cabal that pulls all the strings, you can bet we don't know its name. So, unless or until enough people are critical enough of the most concrete construct of government, nothing will ever change.

Quit bitching, or wallowing in bitchery, and focus on where the problems truly originate. Demand real change and quit voting for the same old corrupt assholes. Happy New Year


White Raven said...

I read your post on ATS...dont you be leaving this plane TOO soon...we need good minds like yours to help those with inadequate critical thinking skills.
So please stay... some of us appreciate your being here with us....a part of humanity.
May your 2010 be a vast improvement on your 2009!
Love and Best wishes,
White Raven

Lightworth said...

Thank you very much. Love, best wishes and happiest new year to you as well. Actually my kinda weird physical condition could be a lot more, if not totally, in my head than I mentioned in the ATS thread. Am feeling great now. Thanks again.