Sunday, June 6, 2010


Rule by secrecy, or government as we know it, is the real or primary cause of the ecological catastrophe in and adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico.

It's a cinch that transparency - real transparency, not the phony baloney, half-assed (at best) "transparency" people like Barack Obama espouse - in government is the catalyst for greater knowledge, which governs all things political, spiritual, scientific and educational in general. If, beginning in 1947, the National "Security" State would never have been permitted to exist, the greater knowledge the public would have received would have resulted in, for instance, our being able to quit using poisonous energy sources like petroleum, coal and nuclear power, at least soon enough. Or if it wouldn't have worked out that way, at least we could say we exhausted every possible effort, like an intelligent enough species would do. Certainly the crude oil required for manufacturing solid products could be extracted from land-based wells only, assuming oil would be used for anything at all.

So, to whom it applies, please carry on with your blaming BP for its safety violations of the blowout protector as the "cause" of the oily disaster, or whatever other weak, small time criticizing. Such huffing and puffing is purely farcical. It's the equivalent of screaming for Band Aids when major surgery is needed. It's ignorance to the degree of psychosis. Everyone who's comfortable enough with anything resembling the beyond-gargantuan level of secrecy that runs everything (at least now) is responsible for all environmental destruction. Rule by secrecy equals rule by fear/cowardice, ignorance and greed. Period. You have only yourselves to blame (to whom it applies).

It's difficult to put into words, but I'm getting a feeling that Earth humans are entering a new phase that's all about determining the overall worthiness of the species. Soon enough it will be sink-or-swim time. Will there be a strong enough migration away from the passive, reactive, wallowing, breast-beating weakling routine? Will enough people choose to forget about their meaningless egos and get rid of their mere (political and religious) beliefs in favor of the desire for objective reality? (6/6)

Good Christ, one would think that now, of all times, is when any (overall) reasonably intelligent species would welcome anything and everything that even might solve huge problems like the oily Hell - any advancement at all in science and knowledge in general. Such a process can begin only by abandoning rule by secrecy. Then we can see what divine or whatever stuff of higher science will ensue. But noooo, too many are still too robotically programmed to wallow in the same old pathological shit, with their thumbs buried you-know-where. Sad doesn't begin to describe it. (6/20)

OK, this is way frackin' weird: See from the 3rd-to-last paragraph to the end of one of my earliest entries titled Oil Spills & Time Bubbles. Was the undeniably mysterious reduction of crude oil in the Gulf recently the work of an unseen intelligence? If so, damn, I wish they would have removed more of the shit, and made it obvious enough, but yeah, ditto that "Prime Directive" business I've written about, repeatedly enough. Or what else am I missing? (8/13)

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