Saturday, September 4, 2010


Antitheism, or "new atheism," probably means different things to different people. (I believe the term was coined by Christopher Hitchins). What it means to me is the refusal to refer to any unseen/unrevealed intelligent beings as gods, or to a Supreme Being (concerning at least this planet), if applicable, as God. It's the rejection of the cowering, fear-driven slave mentality, the strong conviction that everything (and everyone) in the universe or multiverse is simply science, regardless of how much is undefined, unknown. The words "paranormal" and "supernatural," for examples, shouldn't exist. Or antitheism is the avoidance of shallow, hollow, ego-inflating (by definition) idolization (worship) of any being who's more advanced than the better, more rational-unbiased, "kinder, gentler" type(s) of Earth humans of this era. Again, all intelligent beings are equally entitled to all knowledge, methods, technology etc. they/we can comprehend and undertake, provided said beings are equipped with the moral-ethical stuff for proper usage of such new things.

I don't see how anyone can call himself or herself an antitheist without being very clearly against rule by secrecy in general. Secrecy is the enemy of knowledge; greater knowledge results in better living through better science. Those who complain about religion-based problems should be complaining equally loudly, or really even louder, about secrecy-based government(s).

Proudly, I am and always will be an antitheist, or I suppose barring any very solid proof that would make me be otherwise.

To me antitheism isn't at all atheism - believing there's no unseen intelligence of any kind involved in any way on this planet. Such belief is every bit as reactionarily religious as whatever of religion by the traditional definition... I can only hope my take on antitheism is the most objective one that will be (somehow or eventually) universally taught.

On a different note, apparently it's most commonly believed that the reason humanity has yet to make Contact with "ET" (if ever) is because most of the population is "not ready" for it. I submit that "not ready" really means not interested or not caring. Translation: ignorance and apathy. And a large percentage, if not the vast majority, of those who aren't interested in Contact are, frankly, not worthy in the first place, as far as I can tell. Oh well, it's no skin off my nose. Whatever happens, I'll never let the pathocracy (that rules the dominant culture) get me down and/or drive me crazy. (9/4)

Obviously lack of worship doesn't, or wouldn't, diminish love and admiration (at most) for this apparently hypothetical Single Superman in his swooping down, cape a-flappin', to save the day. (9/6)

The clear majority, and perhaps vast majority, of human beings either desperately need to believe they're the center of the universe, or simply prefer to be isolated in their own little ego-tripping, purely imaginary (psychotic) superiority complex. (9/19)

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