Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is Alien?

Alien doesn't mean only the foreign or unknown. In short, alien is only as it does, and it means different things to different, or hugely different, people/beings. Those who are alien are not necessarily, or even primarily, if really at all, about any physical-chemical-genetic differences. It comes down to big or huge enough differences in political-spiritual values, and if applicable, other major enough personality differences. Being de facto alien is an infinitely more determining factor of alien-hood (if you will) than the literally, physically alien.

Perhaps this entry's title could have been "Who is More Alien?" It seems those who are more ignorant, isolationist and alienating of others and themselves would most qualify as such. Those who are supportive enough of rule by secrecy are more alien, and that best defines the clear, if not vast, majority of Earth humans today - the dominant culture. Look within, for the biggest aliens are you, to whom it applies.

Apparently the only thing that separates me from most folks on this planet is, again, my nullification of the credibility-validity of mere (political and religious) beliefs and strong emphasis on the desire to learn more scientific, objective-by-definition truths - that which is beyond what is allowed by the dominant culture or government as we know it. Is that alien enough? However, I want to believe I'm part of a larger minority than is now apparent to me. Hopefully there aren't as many sleeping sheeple as there seems to be.

Since the political world as we know it has been dominated by evil, pathocracy, greed, corruption, rule by secrecy etc. since whenever time before recorded history, it kind of makes sense, in its own sick-and-twisted way, that the only unseen beings with any power and influence on this rock would be likewise malevolent. Obviously I hope that's wrong, and there will be truly worthy ETs and/or nonhumans whom we will formally befriend and align with... and too soon isn't soon enough, if so.

Haven't really been into blogging for a good while, and don't plan to be any more. That is, I'm holding out for something truly perspective- or paradigm-changing, at least for this writer. I guess I've become used to listening to the clock tick and crickets chirp.

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