Thursday, December 3, 2015

9/11 & the TPLs

My name is Colin David Burt, born October 14, 1965 in Shreveport, LA.  I'm the or a man whose thoughts transmit (at least occasionally) in the apparently far-above above top secret telepathological (TPL) Truman Show, so to speak, and the existing "civilization" is basically teeming with unreality-worshiping, desperate cultists.  (Will explain the latter).  I've had plenty de facto and tacit confirmation of my transmitting, so it's positively not something I've hallucinated or misinterpreted on at least enough occasions.  I attempted direct, literal confirmation with a couple of family members a long time ago, but got only a vague-cryptic suggestion from one and a weak, unconvincing denial from the other.  Had I been wrong in my claim, obviously at least one of them would have insisted or at least suggested I need psychiatric help, but neither did and never have since. 

In general, not just concerning the transmitting, I've never had anything resembling good, solid enough reason to believe I'm 100% human, yet also not strong enough reason to believe I'm not. 

I've recorded a (demo) song about 9/11 (Nine-Eleven Reckoning) with lyrics that strongly refute the official fairy tale, the huge lie, though it understandably doesn't mention my apparently or possibly personal connection to it.  That original day of horror just happened to coincide with the earliest months of awareness of my mind transmitting -- fully known it since June 1, '01 -- and it seems highly unlikely that level of unreality, that blatantly obviously physically impossible shit story in the government-media spiel, could not be at all connected to the also beyond-astronomical unreality of the beyond ultra-secretive institution of the TPLs, with their (apparently) lifelong excessive enslavement and manipulation of me.  Hence: Truman Show. 

The events of the summer of 2001, culminating with 9/11, in this beyond exceedingly bizarre situation, were as such that no reasonable person in the same situation could simply believe there was no connection at all, whatsoever, between the TPL ultra-conspiracy and 9/11.  If that's somehow wrong, it's a highly natural and understandable mistake.  Whatever course my life takes, it is my greatest honor and privilege to be included among the 9/11 fatalities, in an at least strong enough sense regardless of the (beyond) extremely protracted length of time since the mega-crime.  How much 9/11 and telepathy-related pain and secrecy can one of at least adequate conscience endure before something very big (this post) inevitably gives way?  Need to be clear that I'm not outright certain there is a connection between 9/11 and the TPL institution around my transmitting, but if there is as suspected, the truth finally must be told to the best of my ability.

Not saying all or most transmitter-only to receiver-only instances, connections and relationships are TPL, but actual telepathy involves communication (what a concept) between two or among three or more.  Telepathological receivers, like the alleged archons (evil spirits or aliens) of the Gnostic Christian writings, feed off negative energy/emotions -- consciously or not -- in a similar enough way of vampires drinking blood (if you will).  They periodically play dirty tricks of various types, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes planned, in order to "get a rise" or worse out of me (or at least me), or they attack out of whatever cowardly, petty-pathetic notions of revenge or punishment. A substantial enough percentage, in the least, is among the most vile, too harshly judgmental and unforgiving wretches in at least this universe, and/or they're among the most cruel or nasty-vindictive people there are -- hence the existing political world.  Good news is, for a long enough time, I’ve been able to cope well enough with the lowly vampiric attacks basically by considering the source of nothingness, void, black hole, abyss, and knowing I’m on a quite substantially higher level than that.  They’re ultimately more pitiful than despicable.  Best news is I'm making good progress in being an overall more loving, kind, calm person. 

Speaking of songs, here is my demo EP (6 free downloads):

A cultist actually refers to more than merely one who is religious in the traditional definition, but particularly to those with too much blind faith in the existing political world/paradigm, or whatever version or variation of today's insanity that's basically the same pathocratic, secrecy-worshiping routine or close enough.  It's all about the desperate measures one would not necessarily or always do, but support being done, at least secretly, in order to preserve the belief system(s) regardless of facts, objectivity.  There's just no greater example of ignorance, and I'd gladly wager that that extremely frightened and reactionary mentality is the exact madness that drove the real perpetrators and conspirators of 9/11, which somehow resulted in apparently the biggest government-media lie in recorded history.  9/11 was the product of religious fanaticism, alright, in however many forms of religiosity, and it was pretty clearly a pan-Abrahamic crime, or absolutely not by Muslim fanatics alone, if really at all. 

Houses of cards built on foundations of Styrofoam, illusions -- i.e. religions and everything else religious enough -- too often result in pathetic desperation.  Horror of the 9/11 magnitude is invariably all that can happen when mere beLIEfS are given more weight/authority than actual truths by a huge enough percentage of people.  (This is not to confuse religion with spirituality, though it's true the two concepts are not always 100% separate).  The poor pathetic creeps needed a big enough distraction that would preserve their fragile, infantile egos and psyches for however much longer they could get away with it, so they murdered 3000 -- and more over time -- in one of the biggest crimes ever, the New Pearl Harbor indeed. 

They needed the huge distraction simply to control the news dialog because of their desperate fear -- to the point of basically sheer blithering lunacy -- of the release of any kind of new information about things like telepathy and whatever else of the unexplained and intelligently unseen (IU).  Admittedly that assertion is based on a very strong hunch that's based on personal experiences (and plenty other than transmitting), and I can't prove it, but feel certain enough of at least the essence of truth. 

Whether 9/11 proves to be strictly the horrifying crime it appears to be, or somehow, a most strangely inverted or hidden truth –- as in something ordained and controlled by the IU or a/the proper faction thereof -- that would prove beyond a doubt to be somehow legitimate and necessary, the whole truth needs to be revealed.

As the lyrics of the latter part of Nine-Eleven Reckoning indicate, I'm not the vengeful, bloodthirsty punisher type.  However, I have been for a very long time entirely willing to participate, if possible, in any and all necessarily cataclysmic-Apocalyptic actions that will/would result in a clearly new and better world, at least in the long run.  We need to solve the problems, ensuring (as much as possible) that they cannot happen anymore, and have love, empathy, forgiveness, atonement etc., and attain clean slates or perhaps something close enough.  Real solutions, at least in the existing political world/Hell, always involve the spiritual, never the purely political.  All wars are truly won only with "hearts and minds."

At least as far as I can tell, the one and only overall purpose for my being here in this life is to point out that there is, in fact, far better and more than their or your beloved pathocratic, secrecy-based cultist freak show(s) and associated horrors and other darkness.  I'm at least effectively and perhaps somehow literally a nonhuman explorer and messenger, and am clearly not the only one here with such a life's role, irrelevant of how often mind transmitting is involved.  As imperfect a person as I am, the truth is still the truth (to the best of my perception).  Truth almost certainly will never be handed to anyone on a silver platter by a Mr. Popular and/or Superman flying down with flapping cape (so to speak), despite the misguided expectations of religions, ignorance, cognitive dissonance, inflated egos and limited imaginations.  That's not claiming to have any specific-comprehensive truth, just that enough desire for and pursuit of it is how the process of discovering objective reality begins, whether or not it actually will.

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