Thursday, October 11, 2007

Martyrdom? (etc.)

Since the evening of November 7, '06 I've been every bit as ready and able (and willing enough) to die for my entirely sane and righteous cause as any pathological wackass is for his (or her) pathological cause. And that doesn't just mean the obvious religious freaks like al Qaida. That's referring to anyone willing to die for anything related to the desperately secretive, malicious web-tangling (the product of deceivers) that defines the present paradigm. That includes all gung-ho military or mercenary types. That's every violent (or violent enough) defender of any religion or political system as we know them.

Nov 7 ('06) was a most special day indeed. I was in the middle of a personal crisis based on, er, high strangeness. (Can't be any more specific than that at least now). My epiphany of (at least possible) martyrdom happened on election night (in the US); just a few hours after that most amazing UFO sighting at (Chicago's) O'Hare International Airport. Long story, but I'm convinced the 2 aren't mere coincidence. And I didn't know about O'Hare until about a couple weeks later.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to die or, if there's really no such thing as death, depart this physical plane. I'm only 42 years old, and I have a lot of music to record, a lot of love to give and receive, and a lot of living to do. I'm not at all the typical martyr (if applicable) or soldier type, but I'm no less serious about my cause - or more accurately, the cause in which I'm involved - than the most serious about any other cause. I call myself Lightworth, but I'm no lightweight. Bring on whatever must be brought!

On another note, below is something I posted recently on an ATS ( thread (as Lightworth). It was a very good thread about how one would believe the revelation or confirmation of extraterrestrials would affect them. There were a few comments on the religious implications of Contact...

On the religious upheaval (after Contact or whatever breakthrough with nonhumans) issue, I think the Western/monotheistic religions would have a lot harder time with it than any of the Eastern ones; or less-popular religions. Or there would seemingly be a bigger percentage of religious people freaking out among the Abrahamics than elsewhere; religious or secular. This is because the reality of intelligent nonhumans, if truly applicable, would be entirely pluralistic, collective in nature, or so it would very strongly seem. Contact would be the utter anitithesis of the notion of a Single Creator of the entire f-ing universe who's the megalomaniacal "I Am That I Am" type who, like Saddam Hussein, likes to kill people for doing things like simply looking into the Ark of the Covenant... whether or not there's any truth to that Old Testament story or not. So be proud, Abrahamics. Your God is basically Saddam Hussein. And that goes for any Klingon Emperor (if you will) notions of the Second Coming of Jesus as well... Exceedingly sad indeed.

For me personally, I say let's get the ETs here, like, yesterday (assuming there's no malevolence). I'm not too strongly vested in anything of the world as we know it. There's not exactly anything (of any real substance) to show for the current sociopolitical system. And I don't see why we should have to lose any of the good aspects of life here as we know it.

Contact should only happen with some kind of clear moral message; along with the usefully scientific ones. That can only involve revealing some or many types of secrets; including the ones that today would be called above above top secret. The singly best moral message Contact would bring, if possible and in my opinion, is the end of all de facto and actual slavery.

(On another recent ATS thread about apparent aliens who are members of that site I posted this):

As anyone from anywhere is my witness, I have reasons to suspect I might not be 100% human. I'm secure enough to not need to get into specifics on the Internet. The real reason hybrids aren't in the (currently) dominant media is because there isn't enough popular interest in the subject; due to irrational fear of the unknown. It isn't primarily the government's fault. There are too many of us whose stories, without proper corroberation, sound simply schizophrenic, insane. There has to be a proper foundation of very strongly popular anti-secrecy sentiment in general before any of we (apparent) hybrids will talk, as far as I can tell. Humans and hybrids need to walk before we can run. I believe we need to start with simpler things like UFOs.

Another post/thread:

Consciously or not, pretty much everyone on Earth is freaking out about the impending scientific revolution in various or many ways. Said revolution will either reveal the (intelligent) nonhuman presence or uncover what's behind the perceptions of them... or "them." Apocalypse simply means unveiling and need not be associated with "Armageddon." (10-13)

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